Want a luxury watch collection?

Consumerism is the new religion. It’s maybe not the best thing in the world to acknowledge, but it’s true.  Want a luxury watch collection?  Join the queue.

More is more. Consider that most people spend 95% to 105% of their income. What’s it spent on? It’s spent on stuff – anything. Very rarely do you get someone existing within 60% of their income. There’s a tendency to spend up to the peak of one’s spending capacity.

Buy//consume//collect.  Repeat.

People collect. Girls buy and collect handbags, shoes, or jewellery with frenzied passion. Just think of the micro-ecosystem Pandora have created in peddling their kooky bracelet charms. Guys can be just the same. There’s a lot of guys with big sneaker collections (hipsters?!?), many that collect vinyl (records, not flooring), and plenty of blokes collect football paraphernalia (you know who you are).
I know a lot of passionate luxury watch lovers. People that adore the magic of the watch world. I assume most people visiting this site/blog can relate to some extent.

But, i don’t know that many watch collectors. Many people that love [luxury] watches, might not even own one [luxury] watch. There are many that think they’re awesome, but can’t afford the massive cash outlay (or the wife won’t let them), so they admire from afar.

There aren’t many watch collectors, because they cost a lot of money. A reasonable size sneaker collection might cost you £2k? A reasonable size vinyl collection might set you back £1,500? Compare that to watches. You could easily blow £100k on a reasonable [luxury] watch collection. And who has that kinda cash?

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It’s the same reason why people usually just have ONE super car, or ONE luxury yacht, or ONE holiday villa. And surprise… that’s why there’s clubs and syndicates for these things too. Supercar clubs have been around a long time, as have yacht syndicates, and AirBNB has kinda covered your holiday home needs.

So it kinda makes sense really…

That guy

So you want to be that guy wearing the new fancy watch to the office?

Buying a watch stings. Its a lot of cash and then you’re stuck with it. Even if you buy £100k worth (and who;s got that money?), you’re still stuck with those watches. And the funny thing is, you can only wear one watch at a time. The rest are gathering dust (and losing value), just sitting in your top drawer.

And its not really about owning a watch anyway, it’s the experience.


I therefore judicially conclude: Don’t buy. Subscribe.

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