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Chronohaus is a young start-up with lofty ambitions of changing the way we think about, & interact with, luxury watches.

We’re about getting more great watches onto more people’s wrists, more often.

The concept within the watch world is pretty fresh, but it has arrived within the general community – think Uber, Spotify, Netflix etc. We think the concept is great and so do our early-adopters. Read more about us, our ambitions and our values here, and learn about Derek, the founder, here.

We’re in (exciting) bootstrapping start-up mode, so we’re currently sitting pretty in London co-working spaces. As a result, we don’t have a customer facing office or shop yet (they’re getting a bit passé anyway).

As a result, the best way to contact us is over email, phone or we can meet in person.

Email & phone

Please email or phone us at anytime.
+44 (0) 33 0223 3792

Company details

Chronohaus is the trading name for Re-Marque Ltd. (Co. No.: 10274765).
For full company information click here, or drop us a line.

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