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Chronohaus is a members’ club giving you access to a vast collection of luxury watches. You’ll always have a watch on your wrist, & you choose how often you rotate to a new one


Subscription watches – how it works//

Subscription watches – more watches on your wrist for less money down

Chronohaus membership gets you access to all the best watch brands, & most exciting models. Choose from three classes of watches – Schmick, Luxe, & Uber-Luxe. Choose how often you want a different watch on your wrist – monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Then leave the rest to us.


1. Getting to know you
Short online questionnaire & a chat with our concierge ensuring a perfect fit


2. Choose your membership
Three levels of watches & three levels of wow-factor


3. Enjoy your watches
Incredible watches, hand-delivery & frequent rotations. Enoy!


The hottest club in London

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The finest watch//es

Our watches speak for themselves.  Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, IWC Schaffhausen, Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai, Cartier, Bell & Ross. And the list goes on.

We’re here to provide our members with a deep range & variety of watches – chunky & refined; conservative & avant-garde; steel, gold, or rubber; minimalist, complications-galore or skeleton. So what’s your fancy?

A Chronohaus membership will get you wearing a curated and continually evolving selection of luxury time pieces.  Hand-picked, just for you.


Have them all & save 97%!

The access economy is here. Why own it, when it’s all about the experience?

Save 97% with Chronohaus. Our entry level membership gets you wearing £24,000 of watches each year, from just £149 per month*. Our top membership gets you 12 of the world’s finest watches, worth £220,000 each year, from just £499pm*.



*For more info see our pricing & our Do the Math(s) post

Watch//es. More is more

Chronohaus is built on a real passion for watch//es

The love is borne from the close-up experience of a watch.  The wearing, the living; the touch, feel, & the intimate exploration of the timepiece.  It’s not about ‘owning’ it.  So why not get a new watch on your wrist as often as you can?

The highfalutin’ world of watches can get a bit pompous sometimes, so we’re on a mission to keep it real. Real watches, real enjoyment, real easy.

The true value lies in living & loving the experience.


Simple pleasures, simple pricing

Chronohaus keep luxury subscription watches simple. So there’s three levels of watches & three levels of wow-factor service

We’re not here to make your life complicated – it’s probably already full of complexity & hubris. Chronohaus are here to get great watches on your wrist, & ensure you enjoy every single step.

1. Choose your watch collection
Bell & Ross Aviation Chronograph


Entry-level watch nirvana!
Think Rolex Submariner, Cartier Calibre, Bell & Ross Aviation

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor


Sophisticated class of watches
Think Bulgari Octo, IWC Pilot, Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor


The world’s finest timepieces
Think Patek Philippe Nautilus, AP Royal Oak, Ulysse Nardin Tourbillon

2. Choose your rotations & service level

Alongside concierge services, hand-delivery & other perks; we also offer monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly watch rotations (meaning you get a different watch four, six, or 12 times a year).


Quarterly rotations – that’s four fab watches on your wrist per year
Always with a watch
Exceptional experience


Bi-monthly rotations – so you’re wearing six pieces per year
Never without a watch
Exceptional experience
Hand delivery & pickup
Concierge service


Monthly rotations – that’s 12 timepieces a year; keep up!
Never without a watch
Exceptional experience
Hand delivery & pickup
Concierge service
New watch priority
New watch decision-maker


Why we do it//

Chronohaus is a small start-up with a big heart & a love for watches.  Derek Gallimore, the founder, has big plans to democratise the watch-loving-world.


 Watches are a big financial investment which excludes a lot of people.  They’re a big emotional commitment locking most people into just one watch – forever. Eek. So Chronohaus are breaking down some of the barriers. Making more beautiful watches, more accessible, to more people. We’re in the age of flexible subscription – think Spotify, Netflix, Zipcar. Don’t own. Join Chronohaus & enjoy a great collection of watches!

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