Good reasons not to buy a watch


Don’t buy a luxury watch – just don’t.  Here’s why.

Watches are precision pieces of engineering perfection.  Many hundreds of man-hours can go into building a single watch, and they’re continually pushing the boundaries of physical and kinetic possibilities. All within a tiny case that fits on your wrist.

The watch industry has done a good job making watches a revered collectible.

We understand all this at Chronohaus, and that’s why we love them. But the excitement and enjoyment comes not from the ownership, but the experience. Here’s nine good reasons not to buy a watch (number 3 is my favourite!).

1. Variety is the spice of life

I don’t want to beat around the bush.  Basically…  variety is the spice of life.  The watch world is producing incredible diversity.  The range of mechanical attributes are endless, as are the styles.  There are hundreds of significant brands and thousands of models.  Add to that, hundreds of new ones are being produced every year…

Why settle for one watch?  Be the kid in the candy store that gets all the sweets.  Try them all.

2. The ‘don’t own’ trend

We’re all now using Spotify, AirBNB and Zipcars. We’re subscribers on Netflix, Apple and Dropbox. The emphasis is on experience rather than physical ownership. Sharing, spare-capacity, communal and cooperative services are where it’s at.  More on this trend here.

3. Chronohaus(!!)

Before there was no option but to buy a watch, now you have Chronohaus.  Join our fine band of merry men, and you’ll have instant access to a broad, and ever growing, collection of watches.  Read more about joining.

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4. They get old quick

The watch industry sells the glory of collecting watches. But in reality, they get old quick. The truth is, not a lot of older watches are seen or spoken about, let alone revered. Here’s some great examples.

5. If you buy, you spend a lot of money

Watches require a big cash outlay, and you’re not going to get that money back. You can sell watches, trade them in etc, but you lose significant money. and there’s a big hassle-factor.  Check out this article on the true cost of watches.

6. You lock yourself in

It’s hard to switch models once you’ve bought one.  If you’ve just bought a steely tough divers watch, you can’t switch over to a delicate complex skeleton watch any time soon.

7. They depreciate

Watches depreciate as quick as a car, as soon as you get them out of the showroom door. Some hold their value a little more – like cars – but most don’t. Certain brands and model retain their value, but its usually the more conventional styles and simpler designs. And people should generally choose watches based on their enjoyment, not on the value-retain-potential…

8. Maintenance of a watch

Watches require maintenance, especially the more complicated pieces. Metal bracelet links stretch and loosen, the leather straps wear out, and movements can be damaged. Maintenance with the prestige brands is expensive, and you’re generally left without a watch on your wrist for a while.

9. Conversation starter

A new watch on your wrist starts conversations between friends. People notice a new timepiece, and it’s a good feeling to be able to show it off a little. Share the love.


Any other reasons come to mind? Let us know what you think. Leave comments below.