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The hottest club in London

Want to be that guy wearing the new fancy watch to the office? Now you can.  Join the club. Chronohaus is London’s latest club. It’s a luxury watch subscription club.  Think of us as Spotify for your wrist, Netjets for your watch collection, or a time-telling Boris Bike. We’re a subsciption-based members club. Subscription We’re subscription because we believe the world is moving from… Read More

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Old-timers’ fleeting beauty – it’s not pretty

You think the older watches retain their intrigue? It’s almost never the case.  Watches get old – quick.  And that’s not cool. Just as cars do, some models become classics, but the vast majority are forgotten as the younger more sexy models push them into obscurity. Beauty fades It’s sad, but true. Some things date quicker than others.  And this is more so the… Read More

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Good reasons not to buy a watch

Don’t buy a luxury watch – just don’t.  Here’s why. Watches are precision pieces of engineering perfection.  Many hundreds of man-hours can go into building a single watch, and they’re continually pushing the boundaries of physical and kinetic possibilities. All within a tiny case that fits on your wrist. The watch industry has done a good job making watches a revered collectible. We understand… Read More

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Doing the math(s) on watch//es

Is it math or maths? There’s a lot of people chewing on that; but who really cares? I want to explore the maths of buying watch//es – and illustrate how you can save 97% with Chronohaus (and have more fun at the same time). Watches cost a lot of money. Let’s look at a the math for a £10k watch. Ouch Initial cash outlay/purchase… Read More